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Dana Zatman A&M1

I’m a fourth generation artist dating back to my great-grandfather.  One of my first memories in life is painting at an easel in pre-school.  Throughout my school years, I continued my education in art.  I earned a BFA in graphic design at the University of Michigan.  I became an art director and spent over a decade creating designs on a computer, setting up photo shoots, and perfecting layouts on aDanaZatman EMERGE 6x6 72dpi printing press.  A few weeks after my daughter was born, I lost my husband in a car accident.  At that time, I decided to move away from the corporate culture of art.

Shortly after my husband died, my friend’s mother came to see me.  She was a well accomplished artist who I very much respected.  Years later, I married one of her sons.  The child of an artist, he encouraged me to create art that made me happy.  I love to bind books and fill them with art.  The process of creating a book and filling it with art work is a joy.

I am truly a mixed media artist.  I work with acrylics, watercolors, fibers, printmaking and collage.  I’ll even work with crayons.  My works frequently start with a collage and contain many layers of paints, pastels and gold leaf.  Just before my son was born, my mother-in law passed away.  I inherited her easel which has inspired me to create works of art on a larger scale.

I never imagined when standing at my easel in pre-school that life would become so complicated and full of loss.  The most steady thing throughout my life has been my art.  It’s always been there for me and kept me going.