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Dale O’ve Jackson, Affiliate

I discovered my passion for sculpture while earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Hampton University (1976) and my passion for painting while earning a Master of Architecture in Urban Design degree at dale-jackson-6x6-72-dpiVirginia Tech (1978).

While going to college, I also sought to integrate art and architectural concepts. This has helped me develop an artistic foundation and perspective for creating artwork, which involves a strong sense of design, composition and novelty.

After college, I continued to work as an artist and registered architect. Through the years, I’ve painted with acrylics and oils, became a member of the U.S. Snow Sculpture Team, and entered numerous art shows. Although I’ve had many experiences that have helped me grow as an artist, traveling through Africa and experiencing the people, culture and environment has been the most inspiring.

I’ve now circled back to working with clay and producing sculptures after being away from it for 40 years. It feels natural, and each new artistic progression feels great. I’m looking forward to creating new pieces that are visually powerful and entertaining.

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