Cheryl Edwards

I was trained in political science, Black History, Law and finally Art.  I have always been creative, beginning in elementary and high school.  I was engaged in Ballet classes and piano lessons during my formative years of development.  And then came to  high school with poetry and college with African Dance.  After law school, I learned how to play the flute, taught by a female musician who was part of the Miami Symphony.

During and after law school, I became obsessed with the processes of visual arts.  I started my art collection at age 19.  I spent the first few years after law school hosting events for visual artists and film makers, including Spike Lee.  I decided at that moment to attend evening art classes at the art student league only to be taught exclusively by Ernest Crichlow.

Ernest Crichlow taught me how to draw and paint with my right and left hands.  I learned anatomy in drawing of live models, and the color wheel and mixing paint to paint what I saw.  I was extremely intimidated,  but pressed on.  I Cheryl Edwards 7x8 72dpipainted in the closet for more than 15 years.  I had my first exhibit in the District of Columbia in 2005. I am a 2015 Fellowship Grantee awarded by the District of Columbia Arts and Humanities Commission.

I am currently represented by Wohlfarth Galleries (DC), Artisan Direct LLC (Rochester New York), and Susanne Juggenburth Galerie (Germany).  I have exhibited in the African American Museum of Nassau County (Solo Exhibit), Washington County Museum of Fine Art and the African American Museum of Dallas,Texas.  

Among other selected exhibits are Red Dot Art Fair (Miami), Spectrum Art Fair (Miami), Black Fine Art Show (Puck Bldg. New York City), Hong Kong, Kroma Gallery (Miami), Blackburn Gallery (Howard University), David Driskell Center (University of Maryland).

I usually paint in series.  Some of my more important series of work is “Occupy America” which consist of 31 mixed media works encompassing collage, photo transfer, drawing, painting and printmaking.  I am working on two continuing series, “The Civil Rights” and “A Tale of Two Cuba’s”.   

I love color and I push my different processes to obtain the boldest color and hues.  I have been employing the process of stain on raw canvas, as well as an acrylic medium process which seals the many layers of glazing of paint.

My work is about people and every aspect which makes them a human being.

202 309-4539

716 Monroe Street NE

Studio #9

Washington, DC

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