Kathy Lindert, Affiliate

I’m passionate about painting, although it has only been an active part of my life for a few years.  Even when I’m away from the easel, I’m pretty much painting 24/7 in my mind.  It’s a continuous learning process that seems to come in many phases: “painting what you see” (shapes, forms); “painting what you know” (color theory, anatomy); and “understanding what you paint” (interpretation, empathy). Whether with still life or figurative paintings, I’m always seeking to portray the personalities and emotions of the characters, their connections to each other and the scene, and the layers of meaning that emerge in the overall painting.  Artistically, I love the indirect painting techniques of the Old Masters.  The process of building up the nuanced layers results in beautiful depth, subtleties, and luminosity.   Some subjects, however, call for a more playful approach, and I also enjoy the “fast” improvisational expression that comes with premier coup methods.  Whatever the language, my voice comes through the use of rich colors, and bold contrasts of light and dark.  


Valerie Duncan A&M1

I am a photographer who has always felt the desire to paint.  

My passion for painting and picture-making stems from my love of people.

Compassion for others is what compels my desire to create.

I can’t resist designing events for people that are near and dear to me, preparing delicious food and presenting it in a beautiful way.

Cooking in restaurants only temporarily mollified my affinity for others.

I believe that all of these mediums of creating come from the same place;  my desire and need to understand and nurture people.

I have always been captivated by the human condition.

Empathy for others and attempting to understand what makes us individuals is what compels my creative spirit.


Jennifer Rutherford A&M1

Jennifer Rutherford, a multifaceted artist, is also a singer with a Master of Music Degree from Canada in Voice Jennifer Rutherford Portait of Heather MERGED LAYERSOpera. Her work is inspired by her love of American impressionist John Singer Sargent. In posing and photographing clients with her romantic eye, Jen seeks to portray her subjects’ beauty in a poetic light. 

Still life, abstracts and fantasy paintings round out Jennifer’s body of work. She began painting in 2000, studying with many well-known local artists. Jennifer was tapped to use her skills for graphic design for three years in a publishing position in Reston/Herndon VA. 

Jennifer shares her love of music and art with inner city kids, co-founding and teaching a Monday night arts program in Anacostia for 11 years. Her award-winning work is hung abroad in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, Canada; in Australia; and in the Eastern United States.

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