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Carol Bouville


Carol began to paint in her late 40’s after living in France for 20 years. She is primarily self-taught and loves to experiment with various techniques using water-based media. Her main focus is on color regardless of the media or subject matter.

“I grew up in the Washington, DC area, but spent much of my earlier adult life in Toulouse and Paris, France, and New York City. While living near Paris, I earned a Master’s Degree at the Sorbonne in American Literature. For many years, I taught English and worked as a translator. However since childhood I have enjoyed learning various arts and crafts. I have also become self-educated in art history by visiting many of Europe’s major museums. I have traveled extensively in Europe and have visited many countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. First-hand observation of other cultures raises awareness, stimulates curiosity, and enriches one’s life. As an artist I express these experiences in my work, no matter what the subject matter. My surfaces are colorful, active, and energetic. I paint that way because that is how I see life.”