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Barry Gregg is a clay artist living in Decatur, Georgia.  He has shown at Signature Contemporary Craft Gallery, Mudfire Gallery, The Swan Coach House Gallery, Clay West, The Atlanta College of Art, Hambidge Art Center and The Bascom. Barry has also exhibited nationally at The American Craft Council Shows in Baltimore and Atlanta.  His work is highly in demand.
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Barry’s work can currently be seen at the Signature Contemporary Craft Gallery in Atlanta, The Bascom in Highlands, NC, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersfield, NC, Gallery Morada, Islamorada, FL and Freehand Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. 

Barry has been featured in Ceramics Guild Magazine, Decatur Living Magazine, The Atlanta/Journal Constitution, Lark Books Handbuilding Techniques, 500 Pitchers and 500 Tiles.  His work was featured on the cover and in the 2009 May/June issue of Clay Times Magazine.

I thought it was a sprain.  At worst, a fracture.  When I heard the word ‘sarcoma’, I froze… and then wept… and then felt helpless.  After a torrent of emotions ranging from fear to pity, I took action.  Parker has now been cancer free for four years.  She ran up the stairs on the day of her surgery excited to be home.  She runs, jumps, swims and dances.  Most of all, she inspires.  No pity here.  Only inspiration.  She takes life one day at a time and accepts life as it comes at her.  She is a loyal friend, my muse and teaches me life lessons daily.  Growl only when growled at, let unimportant (and some important) things go, remain loyal, bark less and wag more. 

Barry Gregg
clay artist, loyal friend and three-legged dog owner
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