Audrey Wilson

The works I generate are a collection of ingenuity, with a focus on the vigorous delicacy of glass as the catalyst.  Often the point of focus in a piece is the calamus: the strongest part of the feather.  Feathers often represent bravery and wisdom, such as an inventor needs to produce a working fabrication.  Other times, tempered glass is used to illustrate how fragile our approaches can be in life.  Each work created is a model of a true invention or story, invoking such symbolisms.  All efforts show a spark of the human imagination combined with a form of some technological development or allegory rise.

Inventions are a continuous response to something that needs to be changed, a response to the needs of life.  Without a brave, creative impulse, life would become a commonplace of interest.  Yet, with just one thought, many deficient or competent prototypes are produced.  Without these thoughts, advances could not be possible.  The stories of how inventions were sought out, has always intrigued my personal drive for creation.  In finding the failures and successes, I tend to imagine what the original inventor was thinking and creating at that particular moment in time.

As technology is not the parent of human activity, rather the after-thought, it is the imagination that drives to create the content of the machine; or the imagination of a story, which keeps the tale alive.  The challenge counts insofar as man perceives it, as well as the innovation it took to create the modern result.

Audrey Wilson

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