Ashley Chiang – PaperLiberated A&M1

PaperLiberated was born out of the desire to give handmade one holiday season filled with destiny. This colorful whirlwind began with a simple craft project as a gift for my sister, and turned into two Etsy shops, galleries and gigantic shows over the last four years. I would’ve have never guessed my little paper projects would have taken me so far!

Collaborative projects to date have included working with The Rainforest Alliance and Domtar Paper for pieces they displayed at GreenBuild Expo 2013 in Philadelphia, PA and GreenBuild 2014 in New Orleans, LA, as well as working with Spice 6, a local restaurant, on an extensive paper installation work and recent advertising work on a Marshalls campaign.

A bit of tradition thrown in with a whole lot of whimsy and excitement! With each project I find my creativity grows… My skills honed a bit sharper every minute, I find falling into a groove happens much more smoothly.

You can see the behind the scenes and find me locally by visiting

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