Annie Abaziou A&M1

Annie Abaziou is a sculptor who began her artistic career in figurative painting, learning the basics of color, perspective, proportion and shape.  Her journey in art started as a hobby, then turned into a way of learning, sharing and letting her creativity externalize.

In her work in acrylics, Annie was able to work quickly, adding several coats of transparent or opaque paints of different colors in the same session.  Acrylics allowed her to add texture from a wide array of media including aluminum foil, plastic food wrap, jet dry, salt, candles, ground coffee, sand, chicken wire, wire mesh and burlap.  In her sculpture work, Annie started with terra cotta, switching to stone and wood.

Now taking a new direction, she uses construction materials like insulation foam, cement and Dryvit ® to create outdoor sculptures.


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