Anne Cherubim A&M1

I am an abstract contemporary landscape painter working in acrylic.  My art is rooted in real life images and textures, with a modern abstraction, often in a limited colour palette.  Apart from my acrylic work, I have a side project of Anne Cherubim Cave Dwelling2 5x9 72dpilimited edition digital paintings, The Recycled Art Project.  On any given day you can find me painting on canvas, as well as working digitally while waiting for paint to dry.

My work reflects someone who is a product of a myriad of cultures: a Canadian girl, born of Sri Lankan parents, residing in the US.  This unique lense through which I see the world informs my work, undeniably.  “Tolerance” is the word we use to talk about being open to, and welcoming of, one another.  I believe “embrace” is a much better word for talking about cultures, and ways in which we can coexist.  Part of this coexistence has to do with acknowledging a shared humanity.  Art (and music) transcend language and culture, and create commonalities, harmony.  These universals can be appreciated no matter where you come from, what language you speak.

I am currently finishing up the last of the Ethereal Series for an exhibition in November 2015, but I have also started the preliminary work for my next series based on satellite imagery and aerial views.  The Ethereal paintings are an extension of the series that came before it: Luminosity.  Luminosity was a study of light, particularly at night, and the ways in which it changes the appearance of things.  That inevitably evolved into what is now a more abstracted study of light.  Like most of my paintings, these pieces are built up in layers, much in the way that memory is layered with perception, emotion, time, experience.

While Luminosity was comprised of abstract landscapes based in realism, mostly without a vanishing point, the Ethereal paintings are largely rooted in a sense of place, and emotion.  While painted onto a 2-dimensional plane, the layers lend to a feeling of depth beyond the surface.  Like most of my work, these paintings continue over the edges of the canvas, free from the confines of a frame.  My paintings can be seen as calm, and quiet, allowing the viewers’ eyes to rest, and be drawn in, while at the same time, energy emanates from the smallest to the largest of them.  They are still, and moving, all at once—a contradiction.

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