Ana Lilia Zazueta A&M AZ

I started discovering my talents early in life through music and photography. Through my recreational photography I captured the beauty of places, people, and nature. However, my desire to capture those captivating images became more intense. In 1984, at the age of twenty, I joined Daniel Guerrero’s studio located in Nogales, AZ.

I became one of his many disciples and learned to develop my own oil techniques.

My paintings reflect the places and people I have encountered through my journeys in life and have become the source of inspiration… my muses.

Although the majority of my work comes from my journeys, I have also created abstract paintings that come to me through meditation or dreams.

Education: Guerrero’s Studio, Nogales, Arizona
Pima Community College: Art Classes

Gallery Shows: Hilltop Gallery, Nogales, Arizona – Guerrero’s Disciples Displays
Represented by: Gallery 219, Tubac, Arizona

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