Alonzo Davis

My art choices and worldviews have been inspired by travel.  Through travel, I seek influences, cultural centers, energies, new terrain and the power of both the spoken and unspoken.

The magic of the Southwest United States, Brazil, Haiti and West Africa has penetrated my work.  Southern California, my home for thirty years, has also had an indelible impact and the colors and rhythms of the Pacific Rim continue to infiltrate.
Alonzo Davis Sky Ladders installation #2 AMU 5x8 72 dpi
My art works in exterior and interior spaces – both large and small scale.  These pieces range from freestanding and suspended sculptures, to wall and floor installations.

Bamboo, wood and paper, layered color and burned-in patterns are my hallmarks and, whenever possible, LED light elements are integrated in the composition for a back-lit effect.

I have been lucky to have had good studio spaces in the various cities I have lived.   At present, I have a warehouse workspace in Mount Rainier, MD which is within five minutes from where I live.


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