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Kathy Lindert

Kathy Lindert is an oil painter who relishes expressing her art through different languages. This mirrors her multi-lingual fluency, having lived and worked in countries around the world for most of her life.  “Fast Painting” and “Slow Painting” are two such forms of expression – and Kathy loves switching between them.  Fast Painting (Premier Coup) is playful, gestural, melodic and instinctive – like Improv or Jazz. Slow Painting is layered, deliberate and nuanced, building on the depth and luminosity of the Old Masters. Yet whatever the language, Kathy has found her voice in painting rich colors and bold contrasts of light and dark.M&M Therapy by Kathy Lindert

Kathy is a student of Glen Kessler at The Compass Atelier and a Resident Artist at Artists & Makers Studios in Rockville Maryland.  She has also taken workshops from Duane Keiser, Cindy Procious, Alyssa Monks, and Steven Assael.  She previously studied mixed methods with acrylics with Carmen Fraga in Brasilia, Brazil, where she lived for many years.  Kathy’s paintings have been exhibited at Artomatic, Artists & Makers Gallery, the Capitol Arts Network’s Urban by Nature Gallery, and more recently in the Strokes of Genius juried show at the Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis. She was ranked by art critic Lenny Campello of DCArtNews as one of the Top 10 artists in Artomatic 2016 and granted the award for Artist Most Likely to Attract Gallerists.

Kathy started oil painting about five years ago, but her love of art and art history harks back to her years as a student in Paris in the 1980s, and to making childhood art projects with her grandmother and learning from her mother’s eye for composition as a talented photographer.  While not painting, Kathy works at an international development agency in Washington DC, advising countries around the world on the design and delivery of social protection systems.  She lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, with her husband and two teen daughters.