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Gelatin Plate Printing Workshops with Mariana Kastrinakis

Posted on Nov 19, 2016


  • All supplies provided
  • A 3 hour workshop at Artists & Makers 2 – Wilkins Campus
  • Consider taking it with friends or family for added fun


In this class, we use home-made gelatin plates (provided, although brand-name Gelli plates are also welcome) and we use acrylic paints to roll onto the plates.  We texturize the plate surface with stamps/stencils/found objects (many are provided) and, through an iterative printing process, we create fun printed layers which result in the final art prints, called “monoprints”.

This means that each print is a unique original.

The resulting prints can be framed “as is”, made into cards or ATCs or used as an artistic element for other art projects.  Many ideas for future art and print making are shared in class.  Students take home multiple monoprints printed on a variety of papers.


Next workshop dates:
February 28 Tuesday 7-10pm Studio 201
March 15 Wednesday 2-5pm Studio 201
March 22 Wednesday 7-10pm Studio 201
March 26 Sunday 2-5pm Studio 201
April 19 Wednesday 2-5pm Studio 201
April 26 Wednesday 7-10pm Studio 201
May 10 Wednesday 2-5pm Studio 201
May 24 Wednesday 7-10pm Studio 201
June 7 Wednesday 2-5pm Studio 201
June 14 Wednesday 7-10pm Studio 201
July 19 Wednesday 2-5pm Studio 201

We also can do PRIVATE EVENTS offering gelatin printing workshops in our studios for your SPECIAL EVENT, just contact us for pricing


To register email Mariana Kastrinakis (mkastrin@gmail.com) OR call Mariana at 301-467-2621. 

Also see our website at www.kastrinakisart.com 

To reserve your space in any class, just write us and send full payment by the day before that class date, as it fills up!  We accept paypal online payments, personal checks or Square CC payments in person. More payment options coming…

PRICE: Class: $55.00 Supply fee: $15 (Total: $70)

For questions or comments, call or email Mariana.  We look forward to seeing you in our classes!