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Elyse Harrison

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

Elyse Harrison

One of the best things about dedicating yourself to a lifetime of making art is that you get to a point where you realize just how much you have accomplished.

I have had a full and wonderful career so far, mainly because of one thing: I really love what I do.

Experimenting in my studio and selling my work, running a regional gallery and representing extremely talented artists, creating public art in state schools and teaching thousands of children in a program I proudly own – all of this lines the road I’ve taken since I was 14 years old.Elyse Harrison 6x7 72dpi

Art makes me happy and I think it is that happiness that comes through the work and attracts other people to put a little part of me in their worlds.

What an amazing thing it is to be a creative person.  The only other profession I wanted as a kid was to play the piano like Art Tatum.




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